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What kind of Republican is Richard Irvin?

Updated: May 11, 2022

This week, People Who Play by the Rules PAC released another radio ad opposing Richard Irvin's campaign for governor.

The ad, titled "What Kind of Republican Is Richard Irvin?" highlights Irvin's proven past record of voting in Democrat primaries, supporting Democrat President Barack Obama, supporting Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker, and supporting Black Lives Matter.

Which makes you wonder: why is Richard Irvin running as a Republican?

The script:

What kind of Republican says he supports Black Lives Matter strongly and passionately? The kind of Republican who voted Democrat in seven of the last eight primaries.

That kind who said this about Obama's election: "Our black vote would make such a difference in this country that will lead a black man to the presidency in 2008 with Barack Obama made history." [cheers and applauds from crowd]

The kind of Republican who says this about JB Pritzker: "It is my honor to bring to the podium a great friend, a great leader who has guided our state with professionalism and compassion."

What do you call a Republican like Richard Irvin, who strongly and passionately supports Black Lives Matter? The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund president says you call him unqualified.

"The organization Black Lives Matter is a successful shakedown for money. It just promotes a Marxist philosophy. Supporting that organization should be a disqualifier."

What do you call a Republican like Richard Irvin who supports Black Lives Matter, Obama and Pritzker? You call him a Democrat.

In the Republican primary vote for a Republican.

Vote NO on Richard Irvin.

Paid for by People Who Play By The Rules PAC.

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