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Irvin's supporters: ". . . the people will keep rising up until the CPD is abolished . . ."

Looters, egged on by Black Lives Matter, completely trash downtown Chicago

Supporters of Richard Irvin are making waves again. This time, it's even more unbelievable than the last time.

After rioting and looting downtown Chicago, and assaulting Chicago police officers, the Black Lives Matter movement - which Richard Irvin fully supports - gave excuses for its behavior, and signaled that the violence would not end anytime soon.

BLM issued a statement that read:

"In a predictable and unfortunate move, [Mayor Lori Lightfoot] did not take this time to criticize her officers for shooting yet another Black man. Lightfoot instead spent her time attacking 'looters.' The mayor clearly has not learned anything since May, and she would be wise to understand that the people will keep rising up until the CPD is abolished and our Black communities are fully invested in."

Note the parenthesis around "looters." Does BLM believe that people breaking into stores and stealing merchandise, in large groups, are not looters?

What other word would Richard Irvin use to describe them? He does, after all, "Support Black Lives matter strongly and passionately." You can see it here.

Richard Irvin is wrong for Illinois. Help us spread the word.

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