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BLM protesters root and burn Chicago as Mayor Richard Irvin praises them

"I support Black Lives Matter strongly and passionately." - Mayor Richard Irvin

It's unreal. It's unfathomable in 2020 America. And yet, it's happening.

A suburban Chicago mayor, Richard Irvin, publicly praised Black Lives Matter, even as BLM members looted and burned the city.

If Irvin has any higher political ambitions, he should quit now. Unbelievably, he is Republican. We doubt Republican voters are going to put their faith into a man as reckless as Richard Ivin.

UPDATE 04/19/2022

A new TV ad rips Mayor Richard Irvin for his support of Black Lives Matter, reports Prairie State Wire.

New ad says GOP Gov candidate Irvin’s support of Black Lives Matter should disqualify him from being nominee

Read the full story here.

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